About Us

Welcome aboard. We are a team of professionals who do travel and encourage travel not just for the pleasure of it but for the sheer spirit of being footloose. A human spirit has done all to explore the corners of this earth, from time and history.

Through a mariner's compass on a ship, to international flights which cover half the world in one third of a day, travel today, is a contrast to the travel of yesterdays. However, amongst all this, we at Classic Expeditions are committed to continue the legacy of exploration, through ancient routes, living through ancient cultures, reliving the messages of Prehistory, to the Natural Heritage that survives by the kin, in this modern earth.

Join us on our journeys to India’s temples and mosque that breathe history and politics of yesteryear, to the backwaters of Kerala, which although now is a hub of Leisure tourism, is also a way of the Malabar people since time unending. From the Tiger in central India, to the One Horned Rhinos in eastern India, to India’s national emblem, the Lion which once fought the Romans in their own colossal, to the majesty of Himalayan peaks of Nanda Devi and Annapurna that have been worshiped since time eternity, and still is a shelter for many hermits of the Hindu society.

The Indian Subcontinent is not just teeming with life, but also with cultures that still remain within the borders of a coast or a mountain ridge. There is still much to find in our home of the Mauryas, the Mughals, the Dravidians, and of the Colonial British.

If your spirit beckons you to a forest unknown, or a passage of history forgotten with time, your quest for the adventurous yet blissful journey starts with us.