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Hello and welcome. We are a group of professionals who enjoy travelling and promote doing so for other reasons besides just enjoying it. From time and history, a human soul has done everything to explore every corner of the planet.

Travel today is different from travel in the past, from a mariner’s compass on a ship to international aircraft that travel halfway around the world in one third of a day. In spite of this, we at Classic Expeditions are dedicated to upholding the tradition of exploration through prehistoric routes, ancient cultures, and the natural heritage that is still preserved by the ancestors on this contemporary world.

Join us as we go to India’s mosques and temples, which are replete with the history and politics of the past, as well as to Kerala’s backwaters, which, despite being a major destination for leisure travel, have long been a way of life for the Malabar people. From the Tiger in the centre of India to the One Horned Rhinos in the east to India’s national animal, the Lion, which once engaged the Romans in battle in their own colossal, to the majestic Himalayan peaks of Nanda Devi and Annapurna, which have been revered for all of eternity and still serve as a haven for many hermits in the Hindu community.

The Indian Subcontinent is not only teaming with life, but it is also home to many cultures that have not yet left the confines of a mountain range or a coastline. In the land of the Mauryas, Mughals, Dravidians, and Colonial British, there is still much to discover.

We are the first stop on your quest for an exciting yet fulfilling journey, whether your spirit is calling you to an uncharted forest or a section of history that has been lost to time.

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Complete Circuit Of Kinnaur & Spiti: One of, if not the greatest area for tourists to explore and interact with the regional customs and cultures is the Valley of Kinnaur and Spiti in Himachal Pradesh. The nicest part of the tour is undoubtedly getting to see the hills in all their grandeur because you will be taken to every single distant location and mountainous terrain.

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