Packing can be a joyful activity that adds to some people’s vacation enjoyment and gets them excited for their impending trip. Another traveler’s worst nightmare is having to pack for an international trip. They dread it so much that they wait until the last minute to pack, which frequently results in disarray, overstuffed luggage, and forgotten items.

Regardless of whatever group you fit into, if you’re moving abroad to begin a new profession, you’ll eventually need to consider what to pack.

There are a few things to consider before you start packing frantically and dust off your suitcase. Here, depending on your line of work and the climate where you’re going, you’ll discover general packing advice as well as a packing list for international travel.

Baggage vs. backpack:
If you want to move frequently or stay put, as well as whether the pavement at your new home is suitable for towing a wheeled luggage about, are a few factors to take into account (this can be an issue on cobblestoned streets and in destinations with a lack of sidewalks).

Bring a compact backpack or shoulder bag that you may use as a day bag when you’re out and about as well as your personal item on flights.

Location and climate:
Which place—an Alaskan wilderness, a metropolis in Europe, or a hot, muggy tropical island—will you choose to spend your time in? Always do your homework on the climate of the area you’re going to, as you might be shocked by how different it is from what you’re used to. Your packing list for international travel should take this into account. For instance, due to its high altitude, Johannesburg, South Africa, can become surprisingly cold during the winter. While the daytimes are typically sunny and warm enough for a t-shirt, the nighttime temperatures are frequently below freezing.

If you do need to pack for different seasons, you might think about layering up with lighter clothing rather than bringing heavy sweaters.